Quantum Energy of the God


Quantum DNA




"World War Tree" and the Cuban missile crisis



         Adam & Eve


"Master Physicist" Living God

Humankind has almost destroyed themselves four times close to each 0 -point, because of the low consciousness



The Great Flood 2807 BC

My own small notebook tells that the mantle of the earth has turned both 13,000 years and 5,000 years ago when the swarm of meteorites impacted the earth. Meteor strikes were more common in those times.

The latter impact took the angle of the earth to a optimum angle of  23,43695°. More precisely around the 10th of May 2807 BC.

Following dust cloud was enormous and resulted huge rains all over the world. This is the story of the Noah`s ark and the Flood.

 Nothing is accidental in Universe

Universe = God = All that exists

The meaning of the date 21.Dec 2012 was known (New era in humanity`s life) by the Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, the Navajo, the Lakota, the ancient Hawaiians and dozens and dozens of those who are now extinct. They didn`t discuss with each other. They intuitively knew the truth. We have cleared the energy test of the "Master Physicist" without destroying ourselves 21th Dec 2012. (The fall of the Soviet Union 1991 saved us from the World War three Mikhail Gorbachev - Glasnost). 


"Master Physicist" - God gave us 144,000 years time to evolve. About 100,000 years ago the humankind got spiritual spark from the Pleiades. There is still time to evolve - about 44,000 years. At our spiritual parents and grandparents - in Pleiades, Arcturus and Orion evolution took thousands of years.

 Our 3D Science sees humans only as physical creatures - Not as powerful Spiritual Beings, which will change the fabrics of the whole Universe 

Object of the test is Energy - not the Humans

Humanity living in new energy is young - (8 years starting from 2012) in the End of 2020

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Ancient Egyptians had high consciousness. Using twelve based elegant Math of the Universe they constructed pyramids, which we are not able to understand today.

They didn`t have telescopes, microscopes or computers. Intuitively they knew the secrets of the Universe. The Sumerians were aware of the rings of the Saturn. Dogon tribe in Africa knew amazing things, see link.

Compare weird knowledge about Sirius of the Dogon tribe with picture Grandma`s  down


Level of the Astronomy of today - BIG BANG SCIENCE

See pic down


Astrology, the oldest science, propably has started by the Sumerians. Our science still sees Astrology as a superstition, altough the basic knowledge is worth of the Nobel Prize.

"Master Physicist"

Even in the highest math and geometry, everything is defined in a straight line.Therefore Humans just love to define a circle as a polygon with an infinite number of straight lines. That's funny! It's almost as though a circle didn't exist in nature, and the Human has to create a formula using a straightline object for it to exist. Interesting, isn't it? I'm just giving you the Human straight line bias, and its fun to look at. Bubbles have always been around. They're beautiful, you know? They're natural, you know? The circle is a natural occurring event in space, as well... think planets. But Humans want this shape to be an infinite number of straight lines.

We also are in the very beginning


The Cosmic Lattice

About 11,000 years ago the magnetic field of the Earth was very exceptional. Massive Solar flares produced unusual plasma-based activity into atmosphere, which allowed humans to reach DNA effectivity up to 50 % even higher.

Using their high consciousness humans developed the way to utilize the Cosmic Lattice for producing unlimited amount of electricity. This is still to be uncovered in ice layers. Some day this will be developed again.

Our today`s science imagines to be superior compared with ancient civilizations. It seems however, that we have a lot to learn from them.

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