First clear evolution period will be Conceptualism - see Pic down

Ether - The Consciousness of the God

 Boy and Dolphin get the knowledge via Ether 


Autism is the Evolution of the Humankind Not Disease

Spiritual Quantum DNA

Different items

You're given two quantum things as a Human Being, two things that pass between the other side of the veil and this side of the veil that are absolutely quantum, not linear. They have structure, but they are not linear. Perhaps you haven't even thought about them? I'll tell you what they are

- Art and Music.

Imagine a child who comes into this planet with the concept of knowing they have been here before. Not the details, but an innate feeling of  "been there, done that." What kind of a child would that create? First of all, it would be a child who does not want to learn in a linear fashion, for they see the end result and the whole concept as you, who are linear, try to teach them the parts. That's what is going on today, if you've noticed. So you end up with children who don't want to sit still when the teacher gives them the pabulum of linearity, when they already have a picture of the whole quantum issue.

When the children get bored and act out, you've called it disease [ADD]. You put them in groups and you've even drugged them! Humans do that. You're not willing to see the next wave of evolution, are you? Education on the planet right now is convinced that Human nature is static and it will never change. So they're fine with developing learning systems that are over 100 years old. They keep sharpening these procedures so they are better and better for who they feel they are for... a 100-year-old consciousness. They believe the children being born today will have the same consciousness as they did, and their parents did, and their parents' parents.

It's a shock, isn't it?  It seems that the kids are unbalanced when they simply don't want to be a part of old linear teaching! You're seeing it all over the earth. The new children are growing up. They're becoming young adults and they'll go into the workplace and the employer will expect linear attitudes. These young people, however, will look at the whole concept of this linear approach and reject it. They don't want to walk up the ladder of experience because their DNA yells that they have already been there.

 An autistic child is a savant--a sage that is lurking in another dimension waiting for evolution to catch up. Those of you who have felt that the autistic child is far grander than appearances are correct. The biggest hint should be his relationship to the cetaceans and dolphins on Earth. Experiment with this! Find out what is happening! It will suit you to understand these special Humans and their connection to these other creatures.

The autistic Human is one who represents part of the next evolution of Humans. Their old mental tools are not incomplete, but rather, evolved, and therefore gone. The butterfly does not think like a worm, but the society of worms won't understand that. The autistic child is overloaded with unsorted crass in put in a low-energy world. He expects elegant and refined energy communication and does not fit in with the current unevolved language that is given. If you had to exist in a land where everyone simultaneously shouted and motioned to you in groans and grunts that were not in the least understandable, you might begin to relate. The noise and confusion would become frustrating, and it would quickly overcome you. You would beg to be released! You would ask for things to be reduced to simplicity--for your own sanity!

 This Human is not an anomaly or a defect. He is a glimpse of the future. By the way, all of these children respond best to love--the greatest universal communication.

The grid system of the planet is going to make them more comfortable, and you less comfortable. We have been channelling in the last year about becoming interdimensional. Perhaps it’s time Humans moved a bit in their direction, instead of teaching them how to exist in yours?

This will not happen immediately, but autistic children are beginning to use in Future more and more their 24th Chromosome pair coming from the Pleiades. Children know immediately, if some illness is touching them. They won`t  get sick.

Autist, picking knowledge from the spiritual 24th chromosome pair



Interviewer does not understand very much about the function of the human Brain

Following multidimensional Conceptual quantum abilty comes from the 24th Spiritual Chromosome Pair given by the Pleiades


Tesla From Pleiades


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