Why are they not coming to see us?

We are undeveloped kids compared to them, Civilization of the Pleiades is over 2 million earth year old.

Humanity is a little over 50,000 years old and BELLIGERENT. We should stop our wars and absurd waste of money to so called DEFENSE. They might then consider coming to Earth.


We were also up to 21th December 2012 so called "Hands off civilization" - No civilization was allowed to disturb our life 


               Quantum DNA Evolution /Different items



Our 3-4D Consciousness is not able to fully understand 12D Universe


We never can contact other possible civilizations of the Universe, distances are too long. Universum is also expanding  -Are you serious, see down  


         BIg Bang


                LIving God


See also Adam & Eve


The Pleiades have reached Efficiency of the Consciousness about 88% tens of thousands Earth years ago

Our Consciousness - Efficiency of the DNA is only 35-36%

Lowest in the Milky way


The Pleiades, as most inhabited planets have two (or more) suns. Earth is an exception. We have only one sun, this is why tilting is necessary.

According to the scientists the tilting angle of the earth was 40,000 years ago 28°.

Science thinks that the tilting angle has changed because of a COINCIDENTAL collision of a big planet.

My own small notebook tells that the mantel of the earth has turned both 13,000 years and 5,000 years ago when the swarm of meteorites impacted the earth. Meteor strikes were more common in those times. The later impact took the angle of the earth to a REALLY COINCIDENTAL optimum angle of the 23,43695°. More precisely around the 10th of May 2807 BC. Following dust cloud was enormous and resulted huge rains all over the world. This is the story of the Noah`s ark and the Flood.

Dear Howard, there is no COINCIDENCE in these kind of things

As a scientist you seem however to believe, that it is possible get lottery win 10 times in a row - by accident



Our Universe is teeming with life. Only relative few planets over millions of years have creator`s DNA in their corporeal bodies. Some were seeded and never passed the test. Some Planets have destroyed themselves. Some are technically very advanced, but have no spark of divinity.

No spark-civilizations are afraid of Humans, because they know a few human could vaporize them, if we only knew how. It is irony that we ourselves do not know about our big power - coming from spark.


Earth was kept safe from outside interference (hands off) during our energy test. This is why we have not got answers to our messages sent into space. After 21th Dec 2012 “Hands off” was over. We should however stop our childish wars and stop putting money to DEFENCE at least.

Snowball is rolling. The speed of the advancement depends only on us. 

ET:s will come to Earth, when we are ready.

 After our own Evolution Humanity will finally change the whole fabric of the Universe


The mission of the Humanity is to transfer the spiritual Baton to the new developing Civilization of the Universe, after our own Evolution is ready.


See pic up Grandma`s



 Let me tell you about certain E.T.s and The Cosmic Lattice. There is a group that exists on this planet, near this planet, and around this planet that is extremely curious about YOU. They poke you and they prod you and they abduct you. And there is one all-encompassing reason for their curiosity—and maybe now you’ll understand more about it. YOU, dear ones, with the "piece of God" that sits in you (your duality) and is able to communicate with The Cosmic Lattice, and these visitors see this fact clearly, for it is their power source! They want to know, "what kind of a creature is it that lives on this small planet, and only this planet, that has that kind of power! This will also explain, dear ones, why the E.T.s do not simply come and land here and show themselves, and ask you about this incredible human attribute. They recognize that you don’t understand what you have. Also, because you are so incredibly powerful through your intent, just a few of you could simply vaporize them (if you knew how). That is how powerful you are. And so they capture you in FEAR, one at a time, for they respect your power and they want it—and they’re curious beyond measure how you are able to connect to it. FEAR disconnects joy and creativity. Creativity and joy are related to INTENT, and their removal allows abduction. We have told you in the past that you never have to fear these creatures, for if they to you, all you have to is look at them and say, "I do not give you permission to be here." And believe me, dear ones, they will beat a retreat, for you contain the power of INTENT which is connected to the Universal power source called The Cosmic Lattice—and they know it! ...And the joke is, that you don’t.


Universe is like Möbius toroid. The Universe is on both inside and outside of the toroid. Multidimensional Universe 12D and beyond is different from our 3D physics. It seems to allow for objects (and light) to be in two places at the same time. It is impossible to draw Möbius toroid in 3D.

The Universe is constantly destroying old and creating new matter (balancing itself) - looks like red shift. 3D -Big Bang has never occurred.

In 3D scientists are talking about long distances in space, thousands of light years. Principially they are right, BUT…time and the speed of light are variable. Time is different in  different parts of the Universe. Light is controlled by the time. Every time window creates different speed for the light.

Because time and the speed of the light are changing via gravity and magnetism, distances, looking like light years, are in multidimensional Universe short. Dimensional shift may happen instantly through the wall of the toroid.

This is close to what Russian Garjajev & Co was looking in Nineties using laser light to investigate human DNA. DNA produced magnetic worm holes, which means that Human DNA is Quantum - Multidimensional

See also


Our DNA is working with 35-36% efficiency at the moment

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