God in water



God`s free Quantum Energy

used in Human Levitation



For ever rotating

Magnetic Motor/Generator 

Using Quantum Energy of the God 


 The size can be anything

Quantum Physics

Consciousness of Humanity

The rules of Newtonian, Einsteinian and Euclidian physics seem to govern everything at all level. Everything is absolute. We then project whatever that rule is and apply it to the entire Universe. This does not work at all. In basic physics concepts there still are missing pieces, which we do not understand. The ratio of attributes between mass magnetics and gravity changes with size. This is the very same reason, why large galaxies behave the way they do. See Big Bang- Black Hole

Can two things exist in the same place at the same time? Answer is surely not.

What if the two things were really the same thing twice? Both polarities (+ and -) are valid a very short time. Cosmic Lattice is destabilized. This is about what happens with Magnetic Motor. The multidimensional Magnetic Field of the Earth has changed because of the Consciousness rise of the Humanity. Welcome to the quantum area.

Nikola Tesla was first to create quantum event with his massless objects. See down

Humanity`s elevated Consciousness has made change in Physics possible.


Magnetic Motor/Generator was Impossibility before humanity`s DNA was quantum enough

The Fuel of the Magnetic Motor is the so called Dark Matter- Cosmic Lattice

For ever rotating Magnetic/Generator Proto


See also Archaeology / Pic About 11,000 years ago Human DNA worked with 50% efficiency A short time.

Principially the same way, Magnetic motor/Generator proto works today

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