I have followed Spiritual Channels starting from 1997-1998. The very best for me has been from scratch Kryon, channelled by the former audio engineer Lee Carroll.

Especially during the first years I was skeptical, because many things were against my old perceptions. I checked everything I could. Later I had simply to admit, that


This Channel "Master Physicist" has access into all Knowledge of the Universe.


Channel does not make Mistakes - ever

Humans have the Free Will and Kryon can not PREDICT FUTURE - EVEN GOD CANNOT DO THAT. However he can compare potentials - probabilities.


The spiritual Source has no permission to give Humanity remarkable scientific             “Inventions”, medicines etc. – Because of the free will. Humanity must discover these by itself (reach the spiritual level high enough). Spiritual channel can only give hints. Example Quantum lens See Dark Matter and Antimatter

This permission do not have either sivilizations of the Universe, which are on the higher level than we are.


The meeting of the North Korean Kim Jong Un and the leader of the West Donald Trump has been told to occur with 50% probability. Kryon told this in January 2013.  It finally came true in June 2018.

In the year 2001 Kryon told, that black man has good possibilities to become USA`s  president. Obama 2008.

There exists great amount examples of this type.

The views of the Humanity and especially of the Science made by Kryon, are outstanding


Recently the picture was taken from the Black Hole. I had told beforehand, that pictures taken with 3D- equipments can not be otherwise but blurry, because the object is from 12D and beyond. This is what happened.

Today I follow 3-4 different Channels whose Messages are the very same, only the way to present an personalities differ.


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90 luku soitti ja haluaa edelleen nettisivunsa takaisin.
Höpöhöpö ja huomenna lisää

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Oikein mielenkiintoista. Pidän erityisesti ajatuksesta, että galakseista lähtien luonnonlait ovat erilaiset kuin maapallolla. Mihin ajatuksesi perustuvat?