God in water




Nikola Tesla is back, he is reborn - His name is now Max Loughan - Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla 

Max will develop Quantum Lens to Humanity


Taken from channelling

Nikola Tesla created massless objects in his laboratory - what you would call anti-gravity. He knew how to transmit electricity wirelessly (by the way, through the ground, not the air), through the earth (not the atmosphere), and he was frustrated he could not prove it better. The technology was not there, but more than that, the energy of the planet, consciously, was not ready for him. He could not get past the barrier of the belief of others.

By the way, he's back and so is Einstein and you'll know them when you see what they're up to. Albert Einstein is so far not known. Will be...

13-years old Max Loughan has certainly not made up some new "GOD" -theory. He tells what he has already known, while living in Pleiades

Story of reborn Nikola Tesla       

Max Loughan Subtitle

             See LIving God

Ether = Cosmic lattice = Consciousness of the God = Mantle of the God


Albert Einstein denied existence of the Ether


Adam & Eve


World War Tree



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