God has always existed



Universe and Milky Way are as old

both over 4 Billion years

Universe is beyond 12D

impossible for 3D Brain to understand





God is in all Dimensions


 Adam & Eve



There's no reason for Physics without life - and you thought it was the other way around, didn't you?


Life was an accident on one planet, it is not


Humanity is very essential for the Earth

Not almost accidental as Science says

Adam & Eve



Our 3D Science sees humans only as physical creatures - Not as powerful Spiritual Beings, which will change the fabrics of the whole Universe  

Cosciousness of water = Consciousness of the God Ether penetrates it 



Ether is the Consciousness of the God

According to Science Dark Matter


"Master" Physicist" - God Is very very amused of the Big Bang of the Science

Where did the Hot Dot come from?

Where did the Laws of the Nature come from?


Scientists are very proud of the Big Bang Theory. They have it all figured out and they have a timeline for it.


This is really FUNNY to us!


How can you have a timeline for a Quantum Event?


There is no time in a quantum state, yet they have it all figured out.


They've even figured out that there's a residue they can measure that proves they're right.


How clever of them!


 When you start mapping the Universe and you see how the galaxies are really laid out, you already know they’re not random. Isn’t that interesting? Wasn’t what you called The Big Bang supposed to be something that randomly distributed everything from almost nothing? So why is there a pattern?

Cosmic web  



Black Hole of the Milky Way is the control Panel of the Physics of the Earth


 Timeline of the Humankind



Black  Holes of every Galaxy control Physics of the Galaxy


The smallest thing, even to what you call the Higgs Boson and the quarks, they all have polarity.

Therefore, without polarity, there would be no life. Life is created by having a Duality, a polarity in atomic particles


Galaxies seem not to function according to Newton`s law. They are functioning according to the Quantum Physics. Andromeda -galaxy was behaving oddly as Vera Rubin told us.

Very small and very large objects, like Galaxies, do not follow the laws of Newton. Only “Medium size” objects follow these laws.

There are Quantum or Multidimensional laws, unknown to us, in the middle of every galaxy.

The Universe is 12D and beyond. Black Hole is Quantum - Multidimensional.

Our physics is aware of four fundamental forces. The first pair is the gravitational and electromagnetic force. The second pair is the weak and strong nuclear force.

Black hole and it`s influences are outside our 3D comprehension, they are even outside 12D comprehension.

In the middle of the Galaxies there is a pair of unknown Quantum or Multidimensional forces. These unknown fundamental Quantum forces are connected with multidimensional gravity and multidimensional magnetism. Thus, there are totally six fundamental forces.

We are living in 4D: Length, breadth, height and time. We are observing everything, also the Universe, through our 3D glasses.

The black holes of the dynamic, living galaxies are constantly destroying old and creating new matter. Small quantum- Big Bangs are happening all the time. Entire galaxies may seem to disappear. Universe is however never really destroying anything - only rebalancing itself. Gamma – rays in these places are very intense.

When hundreds of billions of galaxies seem to destroy and create new matter, red shift, mixture of elements and microwaves equate, what science sees as the Big Bang. Quantum or Multidimensional phenomena are in 3D invisible.

Big Bang is supposed to be something that randomly distributed everything from almost nothing. Why there is a pattern? See figure 3.

In 3D we are very used to, that everything, including human beings, have their birth, life and death. In Quantum- or Multidimensional Universe this not the case. Time does not exist.

Our right brain does not have past or future either. It lives in the NOW. Only our left brain is capable to handle time. (Compare Jill Bolte Taylor)

Universe is over 4 Billion years old


 3D Big Bang imagined by Science has never existed

Quantum Big Bang is going all the time


You decide, what is your truth

 See also Dark Matter



See Ether/Nikola Tesla - EInstein had this wrong



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