View of the "Master Physicist"- God, place UN-building New York November 1998

ARMAGEDDON would have been happened in October 1998, without Soviet Union`s collapse



There is water covering both coast lines, USA - with major cities being under that water. There is disease-there is confusion-the stores are empty-there is a civil war here in this great land, and within it there is a smaller four-way race war. There is a removal of central control from all. There are police forces which are surrounding the cities, trying to keep order for their own area. The return to the "city state" is at hand, and they let no one in or out. There are state lines which are no longer state lines. It is chaos. There are submersible boats in the ocean carrying great weapons, which out of the integrity of their own commands, have sunk themselves-because they could not decide which port to land in. Each port has its own agenda. There is horror and despair in this country, in this land.

If you go higher in the land you find the great country of Canada, which is divided completely in half and starting to arm itself. Two great cultures with differing languages are almost at war -Unable to decide who is going to get the various parts of the land. The resources which are the most important reside mainly in one, and the other must share it to exist. As in the country below them, central control is all but lost. Culture and tribe awareness divide them.

We take you to just a few of the other continents to view what is happening: We find in the African continent there is a full reversal of consciousness -a return to tribal warfare, just as it appeared many, many years ago. The place where civilization had its seeds are beginning to be the place where it will be buried.

At the southern pole, Larson's Ledge has broken off - collapsed 2002, sending an enormous tidal wave sweeping across the southern part of the great Australian continent, covering cities, killing millions, putting the country in chaos and grief.

The great dragon (China) is quiet. A quarter of the Earth's population is quiet, but they are watching very carefully to find out where the power vacuum spots will be, so that they can sweep in and establish their culture. Most of them have anticipated this, for it was in their prophesy - foreseen by their ancients.

Ah, but that is not the worst. We take you to what you call your Middle East. Listen carefully: There, dear ones, in the energy of the most Holy of Holies, the beast has arrived. And the beast, with its glowing eyes, has raised 40,000 feet tall and has planted its feet firmly on both sides of the ancient tribal lands - and it's there to rule for 4,000 years-representing half its life. The metaphor of the beast, dear ones, in this context, is nuclear war-and it starts there-where Humans decided to destroy one another in the name of God or whatever.

Our Earth is soon Unhabited radioactive Desert

End of the Humankind

End of The World

Luckily our Future will be much lighter. We clarified the over 100,000 year long test of the “Master Physicist” surprisingly 1987 (Gorbatchev -  Glasnost). The Efficiency of our DNA was 32%, which was enough for the next measurement 21th Dec. 2012. The former Measurement result from the year 1962 has certainly been poor (Cuban Crisis see below)


The result of the measurement of the year 1987 was surprise for “Master Physicist” – God


Because of the Free Will of the Human, even God can not know everything.



Some Planets have destroyed themselves. Some are technically very advanced, but have no spark of divinity.





Adam & Eve


Consciousness /Masaru Emoto Consciousness of water



The Cuban Missile Crisis was among the scariest events of the Cold War. The 13-day showdown brought the world’s two superpowers to the brink of nuclear war.

In the Fall of 1962 the United States demanded that the Soviets halt construction of newly-discovered missile bases in communist Cuba, just 90 miles from U.S. shores. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev had pledged in 1960 to defend Cuba and had assumed that the United States would not try and prevent the installation of medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in the communist Caribbean country. But the weapons could potentially reach much of the United States.

What followed was a tense standoff played out almost exclusively at the highest levels. 

U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Khrushchev and a handful of their top aides did all the negotiating, with little input from the foreign policy bureaucracies of either country. The crisis was rife with miscommunications, threats and miscalculations, but was ultimately diffused.


The Russian Attack Submarine B-59 was damaged from the US depth charge, had no contacts to the outer World and the Crew believed the War has already begun


Submarine Officer Vasili Arhipov prevented the Launch of the Nuclear Missiles and the End of the World by using his Veto 

Mikhail Gorbachev later tried to get the Nobel Peace Price to Vasili Arhipov - with no success

Compare with Nobel Peace Price given to Al Gore from his Carbon Dioxide CO2 Lies



Cuban Crisis seen through the Eyes the Spirit - ”Master Physicist”

Dear friends this was the moment, when the life of the whole Earth could have been destroyed by one push of the button. We figuratively closed our eyes and held one`s breath. Because of the Free Will of the Human we can not do anything. We only can send love and balance through the humans. Humanity did not destroy itself, but this was very close.

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