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 New model of sun's cycles predicts 'Mini Ice Age' in 2030s | CTV News 



Mini Ice Age by 2030s 

  Climate of the Living conscious Earth changes cyclically according to four Planetary conjunctions inter alia 25,625 year long precession. Zero point was passed 2012


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 Don't let Politics and Politicians get in the way of your Survival.



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A Mini Ice Age is coming. Many have seen the artist's rendering of major earth cities under ice and all of the other things that go very well with science fiction movies. That's simply a painting of someone's doom scenario, not reality based in the history of the cycle. If you want to know what a Mini Ice Age is like, just flash back in history and study what took place in about 1650. That was a Mini Ice Age. Due to the change in the Gulf Stream (the ocean), the river Thames froze in London. Dear ones, it was cold, but it did not doom the planet.

That's what you're facing, and I'll say it again. If you live in a cold climate, heed this advice: It's going to get colder.

Get off the grid! Within the next 15 years, find a way of producing electricity independently or in smaller groups.



This can be done neighborhood-wide or separately in homes. You're going to need this, dear ones, because the grid as it exists right now all over the world is not prepared for this coming cold, and the grid will fail.

Icy storms lasting one month make service impossible


That's not doom and gloom, that's just practical, commonly known information. Your electricity infrastructure is delicate, too delicate. Prepare for a cold spell that may last for a couple of decades. That's all it is. Technology is racing forward to allow this.




The Predicted Weather Shift

For many years, I have spoken on what is happening with your weather. When I began, my information was highly controversial, for it did not match what you were being told by the media. For those same years, you have seen that which was called "the warming". I told you that it was actually the beginning of a "cooling". I did this to head off what always happens with the doomsayers: I wanted to set the record straight before others would come in and build another doom scenario out of the weather shift, which is very common for humanity. Fear is the old energy's friend,  and change always creates fear.

I want to make a statement: The doom scenario of humanity is so ingrained in you that it has become a habit. Whenever you see something unusual, the first thing you think of is doom! Dear one, you were trained to think that way! In the old energy, it came from history, from scripture, from your parents, from all those who would socially join in, and in conspiracy theories that had all of humanity coming to a horrible end - and seeming to enjoy themselves while they did it! The doom scenario, dear ones, is a habit. Your current movies don't help, with some of them being doom scenarios about weather and earth changes. You're still not through it. The habit is alive and well. However, this is a love story. I want to tell you about the weather.

If you would like to scientifically track what's happening, simply look to solar activity. That is the reason and always was. Kryon did't bring this to humanity. You can see the cycles of weather on the planet from the cycles of the solar activity as recorded in history. They correlate, and it's happened before. What you see today is not approaching doom. It's not a mistake that another cycle is coming, and we told you it would, 14 years ago. Listen, the cycle comes whether there are Humans here or not. Should we say that again? The cycle comes whether there are Humans here or not.

This is controversial. Let the records of the ice cores and tree rings show that the cycle is very consistent. It starts with warming and high carbon dioxide levels, and it eventually goes into a place of cooling. This cycle has been seen over and over throughout the centuries in various stages of intensity.

This time, right on schedule, there is the beginning of a mini ice age. People say, "When?" If you have been paying attention, you don't need a prophet. Instead, look at the cycle from the charts of the past and the behavior of the sun. The timing is there, but I'll tell you anyway. You will start seeing the cold portion within 15 years (2032)


 “MASTER PHYSICIST”  30.11.2008 Prediction Climate Change


Why don't you also go and measure the heliosphere of the sun? Go ahead. Rise from your chairs and go look it up. You will find it's never been weaker! Some will say it's dangerously low. The heliosphere is the magnetic compliment of the sun that literally shields you from the cosmic rays of space. It's getting less and less in your solar system! Don't worry, however, since it's all part of a system, an earth system that you are changing, and it's all part of science that you can measure, and all part of what we told you to expect.

Do I have to ask you to go and look up the weather shifts that you've had? Perhaps you will just look out the window? [Laughter] Twenty years ago, we said there will be places that would no longer grow things that always did, and other places where things would grow where they never did. We told you of areas that were barren that would have water. What does that tell you about the weather? It tells you that there would be major shifts in the Water Cycle. Today, that's what you're seeing. Do not fear this shift!

First of all, we'll say it again: It is slow! You have time. If the water level rises, get out of the way! The earth moves slowly. Those who keep track of these things will see them happening, and you'll have years to adjust. Yet there will be some Humans who will dig in and challenge it – and drown. Humans do that, you know? They don't believe what's happening and they deny change. Consciousness is the same thing. Have you seen it lately? There are some who will dig in because they don't like the change, and they will drown in the process. That is metaphorically saying that there are those who will give their lives to keep everything the same. What does that tell you about the shift? They wouldn't do that unless they were seeing something they didn't like: Shift.

Again, we say this: There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is going through a cycle that has advanced itself. In other words, it is before its time because 


You have sped up the Geology of this Planet.


You've actually sped up the clock in a relative way. That is to say that as your clock goes the same speed and you even seem to age the same way, but the planet has sped up! It wouldn't to you, because you are in 3D and these things are relative to interdimensional attributes. Haven't you felt the increase in the speed of time? Ask innate, ask that which is inside, "Have you felt the speed-up lately?" That's the anxiousness, the awakening at three in the morning we told you about years ago. That's an earth speeding up. It's all there for you to look at. Now, that's not something that's going to happen. That's something that did happen, and here you sit.


Science and  Governments should prepare for the cold Spell, it`s still time - about 10 years



"Master Physicist"


You're going to see more severe winters and storms. It's going to get colder. But it gets warm before it gets cold. That is the cycle. You can see it in the rings of the trees. Don't let your scientists pull political wool over your eyes for their own purposes.


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